A Big Green Thank You!

Our October appeal for funds through the Waitrose Community Matters scheme raised an amazing amount...
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Earlier this year we purchased some comfortable chairs and a coffee table for the library's reading area. But we were very aware that the new furniture wouldn't be brilliant for everyone, so we asked Waitrose if we could participate in their Community Matters Scheme. Our 'donations box' went live in October and we've just heard that it's raised an incredible £510 for the Friends of Oundle Library.

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who donated their green buttons to our cause! We really have been bowled over by your generosity. Now we can buy a comfortable armchair, with arm rests, so that customers with mobility issues will be able to enjoy the library's reading area too. The chair needs to be robust and hard wearing so we'll take advice about the best design and make. Watch out for a new chair coming to your library soon!