Borrow one, get [another] one free.
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Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) monitors both the number of visits made to Oundle Library each week, and the number of items that are borrowed. And it’s true to say that both sets of data are deemed an important measure of the support a public library enjoys in its community.

But borrowing and visit numbers fell at Oundle Library last year, not least because of NCC’s budget problems and the fact they haven’t bought any new books (for any of their libraries) for many months now. It’s why we made an appeal for book donations at the end of last year. We reckoned that if the Council wouldn’t buy books, local residents might support the library by donating their unwanted books so people could keep reading. And boy, did we get a great response!

The books we received have been wonderful, and the shelves at Oundle Library are now brimming with new titles that have been donated. We’ve received fabulous volumes across all the reading genres – fiction and non-fiction, Young Adult fiction, children’s story books and even board books for babies.

Now we need to get the borrowing numbers rising again at Oundle Library, and our idea is to adapt BOGOF for library books! So, next time you visit, please borrow at least one extra book… or a talking book, or DVD. Just one extra item each time will boost our borrowing numbers and show NCC that Oundle loves and supports its library. Thank you!