Little Green Buttons

Please give us your Waitrose little green buttons in June!
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We’ve been nominated to be one of the groups to benefit from the Waitrose Community Matters scheme in June. And we'd love it if you could put your little green buttons into our collection box.

Every year, the Summer Reading Challenge at Oundle Library encourages children aged 4 to 11 to read during the school summer holiday. This year’s theme is Space Chase, an adventure inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landings. And, as part of the fun, Oundle Library will be running lots of free events and activities for children. The Friends of Oundle Library are raising money to help pay for some of these entertainments and activities, and to provide extra craft materials and supplies.

Children love the Summer Reading Challenge, and all the stickers and items they can collect as they progress. And of course they love the medal and certificate they earn at the end as well. The staff at Oundle Library go to enormous lengths to run events that fit the 'theme' and we anticipate lots of inter-galactic activities. Your help with the green buttons will help to make this year's Summer Reading Challenge something a bit extra special... or should that be extra-terrestrial?!