Barnes Wallis and the Bouncing Bombs

A talk at Oundle Library on 13 October about the WW2 Dambusters raids and other top secret operations
Article text
While most people know something about the 617 Sqn Dambuster raids on the Ruhr Valley in WW2, less is known about subsequent raids and plans that also used bouncing bombs.

‘Barnes Wallis & The Bouncing Bombs’ is the title of a talk being given by Oundle U3A Military History Groups to raise money for Oundle Library. It will cover the Dambuster raids as well as other top secret operations undertaken by RAF Squadrons on targets such as Tirpitz and the Japanese Fleet.

Date: Saturday, 13 October 2018 @ 2.30pm
Venue: Oundle Library
Price: Tickets £5 – from the library. Refreshments.
NB: Space is limited so this will be a ticket only event.

P.S. There's a story behind the painting we've used on our poster. You can read it on our Blog section 'Beyond the Library'. Click here.