Do you have a talent?

Oundle Library is the perfect place to run activities or events.
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We know there are lots of talented people living in and around Oundle and we’d love to channel some of that talent towards running more events and activities in Oundle Library. So, if you could spare some of your time and energy to help us it would be brilliant!
  • The Crime Fiction Book Group only started because a small group of keen readers decided to meet at the library once a month. One year later they’re writing blogs for our website about the books they’ve read, and the group is flourishing. Could you start another book group?
  • The library’s French Language Café and the Family History Help Desk are run by two enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills – and they have fun doing it! Could you start an embroidery or craft group? Or teach card-making or calligraphy? Or run a Lego Club for children?
  • We lost the library Chess Club when the two chess enthusiasts who'd started it moved away from Oundle. But we’d love to reinvent it in some shape or form if we could find a chess player to bring it back to life. The library has all the chess sets needed to get things going again. Could you help?
  • If it’s difficult to commit time on a regular basis, maybe you could help with a one-off event? The library’s Harry Potter Book Night celebration, for example, only came about because a child was chatting to one of our library managers about how much they loved the books. Now the library holds a party for muggles, witches and wizards every February. Could you help us with that? Or maybe organise another book-themed party or author event?

Events and activities keep our library buzzing and it would be great if you’d get involved. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know. Click here to send us an email, or talk to a member of staff when you next visit Oundle Library.