Star Wars Day

The Force was with us!
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Who could have guessed there were so many Jedi warriors and padawans (Jedi apprentices) in Oundle? On Star Wars Day they emerged to enjoy some lightsaber training sessions at Oundle Library with Immortal 365 – a team of specially trained Jedis from Peterborough. As well as learning some sneaky new combat moves, the Oundle warriors were able to hone their skills in the practise arena that was our Children’s Library.

And for those waiting their turn for training, there were games and craft activities to keep them occupied… plus a Fuelling Station for refreshments, of course!

We welcomed 19 children and 22 adults to our Star Wars event and the feedback has been amazing. Obviously the lightsaber training was the highlight and we’ve heard many stories of padawan practise sessions at home over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Many thanks to all our volunteers for helping to set up the crafts, organise the games, and run the Fuelling Station. And a special thank you to Immortal 365 who really made our event go with a bang! Or should that be a supernova?