New! Friends' Forum

We're launching a new Friends' Forum to make it easier for you to talk to us.
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Image: Ryan McGuire at Pixabay
Every Friend of Oundle Library has at least two things in common. Firstly, they love Oundle Library and secondly, they love having a library in Oundle!

It goes without saying that we want our library to succeed. The Library Service has clear objectives and targets for Oundle Library, which include things like the number of registered borrowers, visit numbers, book loans etc. But for local residents and Friends of the Library, what does success look like?

We want to make it easier for you to tell us (The Friends of Oundle Library Committee) what you think your library needs. Have you got ideas about activities or events you’d like to see being organised? Is there anything you want improved? How can we help make your library an even nicer place to visit and enjoy?

At our recent AGM we were given some wonderful suggestions and ideas. Someone asked if Oundle Library could organise a Spanish Language Café as well as the French one. We put out an appeal for a volunteer… and two stepped forward! Now the Spanish Café is thriving. Another Friend was missing being able to read Country Life and asked if we could get copies for the library. One of our committee found someone who’s happy to donate their copies of the magazine when they’ve finished them. In addition, another of our committee asked Oundle hairdressers, Raffaele, if we could have their discarded magazines and these are now available for you to read at the library too.

None of these things could have been achieved without people talking to us. So, we’ve decided to launch a Friends’ Forum so that, once every quarter, Friends (and library customers) can come along to meet with us and have a chat before we have our monthly committee meeting.

It will be very informal. No Agenda. No lists. Just the chance for you to talk to us and share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. We may not be able to act on everything, but we'll take what you say on board and do what we can.

Our first Friends’ Forum will be from 2.00 to 2.30pm on Thursday, 13 June in Oundle Library. Do come along if you can.