Crime Fiction

This blog is the work of members of Oundle Library's Crime Fiction Book Group. Here you'll find reviews of books and authors we've enjoyed, as well as chat and opinions about related subjects. If you enjoy crime fiction and are looking for new authors to try you can use this blog to expand your reading list. To contact us click here.


The Prey Novels


John Sandford published the first of his Prey series in 1989 but his hero, Lucas Davenport, is still interesting; and the plots are as fresh and gripping as ever… ...more

The Irregular


“As a boy he spied for Sherlock Holmes. As a man he must save the Empire.” This debut novel by H.B. Lyle is an intriguing blend of fact and fiction, and well worth reading. ...more

Backwards or Forwards?


David Baldacci is a master at filling in the backstory when it’s needed… and not before. And that’s important if you discover a new author and join a series that’s been running a while. ...more

Our January reads - Part 2


At our first meeting of 2019 we discussed Ian Rankin (see Part 1), but we also chatted about the other books we'd read and enjoyed recently ... ...more

Ian Rankin


Scottish crime writer Ian Rankin has been writing stories about the maverick detective, John Rebus, for more than 20 years. ...more

Exit Music by Ian Rankin


Eleven years after it was first published, Ian Rankin's book Exit Music is still relevant and a compelling read. ...more

Mixing of genres


Tom Sweterlitsch is a writer who combines the genres of crime fiction and sci-fi in a very compelling way… ...more

What makes a Thriller?


From Tom Clancy to Vince Flynn and Daniel Silva, some of the best thrillers operate on the world stage. ...more

All That Remains


If you’re a fan of crime fiction but sometimes wonder whether the information in a novel about forensics or post-mortems can really be right, this is a book you should read. ...more

November Part 2 - The filling in the sandwich...


In Part 1 we reported on our best and worst ranked reads from November. Part 2 is about the other books we read and recommend – the filling in the sandwich! ...more

What we read last month - Part One
The top and the bottom


In November we decided to read at least one book that didn’t feature a detective. It proved to be a tougher challenge than we’d thought... ...more

To read or hear?


Just this week there’s been another announcement that audiobooks are the biggest growth area of publishing, and that they're now so popular that some new books are only published in an audio format. What does this mean for library-users? ...more

Contemplating a Classic


“How did the mushroom expert come to poison himself with deadly fungi? The documents in the case seem to be simple love notes and letters home, yet they conceal a clue to the murderer who baffled the best minds in London”. ...more

Author Lee Child on John D MacDonald


In a 2016 BBC Radio 4 programme, Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher series recommends the Travis McGee series written by John D MacDonald... ...more

Alphabet Soup


We called our reading theme for October ‘Alphabet Soup’. We each drew a letter of the alphabet and read something with a connection to that letter… ...more

Secrets in Sydney


Australian author, Liane Moriarty, has written seven internationally acclaimed novels, including The Husband's Secret... ...more

Other people's bookshelves...


Why are other people's bookshelves so interesting? ...more

What we read in September


Books we discussed and recommended at our last meeting. ...more

Live to Tell - Lisa Gardner


Blood spilt in Boston ...more

Fantastic Fiction


Have you ever wanted to know when your favourite author will be bringing out a new book? Or ...more

The Department Q novels – Jussi Adler-Olsen


Cold cases in Copenhagen ...more



The Delicate Storm by Giles Blunt ...more