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The Delicate Storm by Giles Blunt
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Our book group is meeting again on Thursday. At our last get-together we agreed we'd read at least one book that's been turned into a film or TV series. I was at a bit of a loss until I found a copy of The Delicate Storm by Giles Blunt in a charity shop. It's the second of his books about Detective John Cardinal. Recently BBC4 showed Black Fly Season (the 3rd in the series) and although I don't know if The Delicate Storm has ever been done for TV I decided to read it. In the end I was watching and reading both at the same time.

I'd forgotten the books can be quite grisly and it turns out it's easier to turn the pages quickly to avoid the worst of the gore than it is to miss the scenes on TV! But the plots are gripping and I was happy to immerse myself into Canadian winters while we were having a heatwave in the UK. The actors who play Cardinal and Delorme really feel as if they've stepped out of the books. Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised because the credits showed that Giles Blunt was one of the producers(?) of the TV series. Wouldn't it have been nice if Lee Child had told Tom Cruise he wasn't the right actor to play Jack Reacher?!
Cornish Eskimo