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All That Remains

If you’re a fan of crime fiction but sometimes wonder whether the information in a novel about forensics or post-mortems can really be right, this is a book you should read.
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If you’re a fan of crime fiction and the worlds it delves into, then why not try All That Remains: A Life in Death by Professor Dame Sue Black? It’s a non-fiction title but the author is the world-renowned anatomist and forensic anthropologist, and she examines one of those worlds 'for real'.

Sue Black has lent her expertise to many high-profile criminal cases, and was also involved in the investigations into war crimes in Kosovo and identification of victims of the 2004 Thailand Tsunami.

This book covers her own life story, education and work experiences, intertwining these with her own thoughts on and relationship with death – a subject she treats with humour, reverence and fascination in equal measure.

There are stories of her own family life and student years, and of course of many of the cases she has worked on (including one still unsolved that she carries with her). The detail is fascinating and real life (or death) can be every bit as gripping as any fiction.

Death (and the processes which surround it) is a subject that fascinates and scares us all (and is something which we will all experience one day!). Sue Black lets us into some of its secrets with humour, warmth and respect....which perhaps makes the inevitable seem just a little less daunting for us all.
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