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The Murder Bag

Better known as the author of Man and Boy, and as a journalist, this is the first crime novel by Tony Parsons.
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The Murder Bag is the first crime novel written by author/journalist, Tony Parsons. Published in 2014 it features a London police detective called Max Wolfe, and the series comprises five full novels and three novellas so far.

This first book is about seven public schoolboys who, twenty years after leaving school, have started dying in violent ways.

The story moves at a good pace and draws you in quickly. And the characters are depicted as real, believable people – even if you don’t like them particularly. Throughout the book there are touches of humour which stops the action from becoming too dark, and there’s a good twist to the plot. Then, the final pages contain a revelation that is totally unexpected and changes everything again.

This is an interesting, well-written book that was difficult to put down. Thank goodness Tony Parsons has gone on to write more in the Max Wolfe series. I will definitely be searching them out after reading this one.

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