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D.B. Thorne

British comedy writer, David Thorne, has embarked on a new career as author of psychological thrillers... and they're excellent.
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David Thorne is a writer of television and radio comedy who’s written material for a stellar cast of British comedians including Jimmy Carr, Alan Carr and Bob Mortimer. He was also a major contributor to the Armstrong & Miller show. Now he’s turned his hand to crime fiction and written two standalone psychological thrillers under the nom de plume D.B. Thorne.

It has to be said that reading his books you wouldn’t get any clue of his comedy-writing background. These novels have topical plots which twist and turn, and the tension racks up nicely as you read them.

In the first book, Troll (2017), an absent, alcoholic father is searching for his missing daughter after the police investigation has slowed. He soon discovers his daughter was being hounded by an online troll and it seems possible that her disappearance is linked to that. The second book, Perfect Match (2018), concerns a girl who’s in a coma after an online date. Again, the police aren’t interested, but this time it’s her brother, Solomon, who decides to investigate on his own.

Don’t be put off by my rather bland summary of the plots! The books really hook you because the characters are so human and the mysteries are intriguing. The stories move along at a good pace and they’re difficult to put down.

These books left me thinking about the role of ‘hero’ because the protagonist in each isn’t heroic but someone struggling with their own demons as they work to unlock a mystery. Solomon, for example, has a terrible facial disfigurement which is the result of an acid attack, and he faces a daily struggle in a world in which physical perfection is revered. Both men are damaged – not cardboard cut-outs – and there’s a point in each book where your imagination takes control and they become heroic. Thorne’s real skill lies in making you care about them as individuals from the start.

I enjoyed both books enormously, and rate each as 5-Stars.

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