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What we read in July

Here's the pick of the books we read in July.
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Slow Horses by Mick Herron
Selected by Freyja and rated 5-Stars, this is the first book in Mick Herron’s acclaimed Slough House series. Slough House doesn’t, in fact, exist. It’s the name given to the office where MI5’s misfits are posted to work at non-jobs on the fringe of the security services. When a young man is kidnapped and the investigation is going nowhere, River Cartwright thinks it might be the case which could re-set his career. But his colleagues won’t work as a team and everyone has their own agenda. Freyja really enjoyed the mystery and humour, and she’s now going to work through the series.

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles
Although not strictly a crime novel this was recommended by Feebs – perhaps not surprisingly, since it won all manner of awards when it was published in 2017. It’s the story of Count Alexander Rostov, a Russian aristocrat who’s spent his life travelling the world. Suddenly sentenced to house arrest indefinitely by a Bolshevik tribunal in 1922, he’s detained in the Hotel Metropol and lives in an attic room rather than his usual suite. He must also have regular meetings with communist functionaries to brief them on other countries and their customs. Feebs says this is a fascinating study of a man whose life has been stripped back to the barest essentials and who now lives as a ‘non-person’ – a very different existence to the one he had before. She rated is 4-Stars.

The Evidence Against You by Gillian McAllister
Another recommendation from Feebs. It’s written in the voice of Izzy, a woman whose father murdered her mother 17 years ago but has now been released from prison. He claims he’s innocent and tries to re-enter her life. But should she believe him? Feebs thought it was an interesting, even gripping, plot and the pull of family and blood connections was well-considered. Izzy’s conflicted loyalties were also portrayed well. Awarded 4-Stars.

The House Swap by Rebecca Fleet
Feebs chose to read this because it’s set in London and Leeds – cities she knows well. It’s the debut novel by Rebecca Fleet and was published last year. The story is about a couple who do a house swap to stay in London, hoping that time away from home will help save their marriage. Instead, it seems that the person they’ve swapped homes with knows more about them than they realised. Described by reviewers as ‘domestic-noir’, Feebs explained this as a story which shows how things can come back to bite you. Although it was a bit far-fetched at times, she enjoyed it. 3-Stars.

If you enjoy reading crime fiction you'd be welcome to come along to our meetings. We get together at Oundle Library on the third Friday of each month @ 2.30pm. We don't have a set reading list but we do enjoy a lively discussion about all the books we've read and enjoyed. Everyone welcome.