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This blog explores the library’s non-fiction resources - genres like history, biography, current affairs, travel and self-help books. And we’ll write about current trends, events, and new writers, as well as new publications. Of course, we’re also keen to hear about your discoveries and ideas, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. To contact us click here.


Icons of Northamptonshire


This is an extremely readable, richly illustrated coffee-table showpiece, packed with images and information. ...more

All About Oundle


If you’d like to astound your friends and family with your local knowledge, there’s a section of our library you must visit ... ...more

The Spy and the Traitor


A compulsive, dramatic cold-war spy story that’s all true! ...more

I spy with my library card (Part 2)


This is the second article in a series about non-fiction books in Oundle Library on the subject of spying and espionage.... ...more

I spy with my little library card...


Espionage thrillers are as popular as ever. But as real-life events from Istanbul to Salisbury show, factual stories of intrigue, betrayal and secret agents can outdo any fiction. ...more

Every picture tells a story


A painting that pays tribute to Hopgood's Courageous Run in the WW2 Dambuster raid on the Möhne Dam ...more

Hopgood's Courageous Run


The story of one Dambuster crew and their attack on the Möhne Dam... ...more