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Two events coming up at Oundle Library in October
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Organising two events at the library on consecutive weekends means we’re in promotion-mode at the moment. Oundle is such a busy place, with so much going on, that we need eye-catching posters to stand out in the crowd. We think we’ve managed it.

We’re celebrating National Poetry Day on Saturday, 6 October.
Our event will be two days late but it's on the closest Saturday. NPD is incredibly well organised and its website has lots of downloadable resources. Most are for schools e.g. lesson plans for different year groups. But there’s also always a selection of original posters to use and we’ve adapted one of these for our event. I’m not sure who the artist is but they’re striking and original, even though I can never really work out how the image(s) connect either to poetry or the year’s theme. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

On Saturday, 13 October there’s a talk by Oundle U3A Military History Group: Barnes Wallis and the Bouncing Bombs. This poster needed a little more leg work! Yes, there were free images available online but most were black and white. Then I found a really powerful picture by British artist, Simon Atack, of a Lancaster bomber dropping a bouncing bomb.

Being conscious of copyright I emailed Simon to ask if I could use his picture on our poster and was thrilled when he said yes. Actually, it sounded as if he’d been rather thrilled that I’d bothered to ask for permission! I got the impression not many people do.

Anyway, we all think the poster looks wonderful and we’re putting it up wherever we can. We know the talk will be fascinating because the “Military History Boys” are great. Fingers crossed this will be a sell-out event!