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Our Scenes Around Oundle calendar 2019 is now on sale
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We’ve just launched our 2019 Scenes Around Oundle calendar and it’s on sale for £5 (available to buy at Oundle Library and selected shops in the town!) The calendar is a real community project and it’s very important to the Friends of Oundle Library for raising funds. But we can’t pretend there haven’t been moments this year when we didn’t think we’d be producing it.

For anyone using or loving public libraries in Northamptonshire this has been a really difficult year. About 12 months ago we were told there was going to be a reorganisation that would involve library closures and staff redundancies. Since then we’ve lived through a public consultation and a Judicial Review, and we still don’t know what the library service will look like next year. Small wonder we agonised about whether to produce a calendar for 2019. But we’re trying to be optimistic that our library will survive so, until we hear otherwise, we’re going to keep calm and carry on!

Back in 2012, when we first talked about producing a calendar to raise money, we decided it had to be self-funding so that every penny of the sale proceeds could be used to benefit our library. Thankfully we enjoy incredible support from local businesses, and the money from their sponsorship covers our print and production costs.

An annual show
Our special photography competition at Oundle Horticultural Society’s Annual Show provides the photographs. This year’s selection was relatively easy, but the competition can sometimes throw up problems. One year we had more snow scenes submitted than anything else; and there have been times when we’ve been missing a picture for one or two particular months, although we’ve always managed to work around the problem. An enduring challenge is matching the competition photos to the correct month of the year. We know far too many keen gardeners and wildlife experts to risk showing flowers or foliage in the wrong month!

But what’s lovely about the competition is that Oundle and the surrounding villages and countryside provide us with a never-ending supply of beautiful images. And with so many talented, local amateur photographers we find some fantastic pictures.

Riverside Printers in Kettering produce the calendar for us. We must be one of their smallest customers but they still treat us like VIPs. There’s no problem too big or too small, and they're always happy to give us the extra hand-holding we sometimes need, adjusting colours and tweaking things so the pictures look as good as they can.

Fresh eyes
In the run-up to going to print there’s always a lot of checking and double checking. Making sure we have the correct days and dates for all the public holidays and checking the photo captions and spelling. The proofs are pinged around to different members of the Friends’ committee because fresh eyes are essential to catch mistakes.

So now we’re rolling. The 2019 calendar is out there and we hope it sells well. Obviously, it’s competing with much larger enterprises and print budgets but we think it holds its own. It’s the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts and every sale provides £5.00 to support and improve our library. Over the years the money we’ve raised has allowed us to make some really hefty purchases such as mobile book shelves and new carpet, as well as pay for things like children’s entertainers.

At the moment, while none of us knows what the future holds for our library we do know it needs our support now. And for that reason the calendar is important. So, if you’ve read this far do please buy one! They’re on sale at Oundle Library and at various shops in the town – and every penny from every sale will help us.

The Friends of Oundle Library would like to thank all the businesses that have sponsored our 2019 calendar:

The Barn Garden Centre
Judith Day Optometrist
Nene Valley Brewery
Oundle Balance
Oundle Bookshop
Oundle Fitness
Oundle Tyre & Exhaust Service (T: 01832 272150)
Pick Arthey
Riverside Printers
Trendalls Butchers
White Vanilla
Woodford & Co