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Our wonderful U3A!

We have a thriving U3A in Oundle and they are great supporters of the library...
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We have a thriving U3A in Oundle and they give fantastic support to the Friends of Oundle Library. Something which is beautifully illustrated by the help they’ve given us over recent weekends.

National Poetry Day

Celebrating National Poetry Day (NPD) in October is a regular event at our library and we couldn’t do it without the help of the U3A Poetry Group. Every year they come to do readings for us and it’s always wonderful. This year was no exception.

NPD is organised by the Forward Arts Foundation and involves everything from competitions and events to special book publications. The BBC is also heavily involved and you may have heard poetry programmes on national and local radio. A main focus of NPD is education and young people, and their website provides all sorts of teaching resources for schools.

National Poetry Day has a different theme every year and this year it was ‘Change’, which offered our readers lots of scope because they don’t just enjoy reading poetry, they write it too. Every year they work incredibly hard to create a varied programme for us, which always includes a selection of new and interesting poems as well as some old favourites. And they also read some of their own verse.

A particular hit with the audience this year was A.A. Milne’s Buckingham Palace:

‘They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace –
Christopher Robin went down with Alice…’

The poetry section in our library is fairly small but it’s well used. It’s tucked away next to a reading table and you’d be surprised how many people sit there for a spell to read poetry, even if they don’t borrow the book. There’s something soothing about verse!

Barnes Wallis and The Bouncing Bombs

Another highlight in our library calendar is the annual talk by Oundle U3A’s Military History Groups. The talks started 3 years ago when we commemorated the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. This year we commemorated the 75th anniversary of the RAF’s Dambusters raids and they told us the story of Barnes Wallis.

It was fascinating. The History Boys do an amazing amount of research for their talks and they really know their stuff. Most importantly though, the talks are never dry or dusty because they are all brilliant story tellers and bring the subject to life. The story of Barnes Wallis was full of surprises. Although the Dambusters raids have gone down in history, the RAF used the bouncing bombs in other wartime operations, many of which were top secret. Our audience remained spellbound throughout the talk and it was a brilliant afternoon.

So a huge thank you our hugely talented Oundle U3A – and particularly to the Poetry Group and the Military History Boys!

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